IP Office Beginner's Course - Road to pass the ACIS

The IP Office Beginner's Course

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What's Inside This IP Office Course?: Everything You Need to know when implementing, and configuring the IP Office System 

In this great resource you find the five pilars to get you going with the IP Offie System, and lay the foundation to put you in the right path to obtain the Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS). 

Pilar 1 - Site Preparation: In this lesson you learn all there is to know when getting the telecommunications and IT Room ready for a successful implementation.

Pilar 2 - Hardware Definition: The lesson breaks down the different types of IP Office configurations, system capacity, component description, and more.

Pilar 3 - Management and Maintenance Applications: In this sectin you learn both types of applications used to administer and maintain the IP Office system, and System configuration and feature description.

Pilar 4 - Endpoing Configuration: Learn the different types of phone technology supported by the IP Office system. Best practices when configuring each type of extensions and descriptions.

Pilar 5 - Troubleshooting Techniques: Here you see which steps will help you identify and fix day to day troubles, and efficiently assess each scenario depending the implemented technology.


Why this course?

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After so many years of installing dozens of IP Office systems through my 18 year career, I have decided to share with you some of techniques that allow me maintain consistency with my performance and customer satisfaction.

In this course I take from the very beginnings of the IP Office implementation, defining elements necessary to make you a hero when it comes to assessing the customer site, learning each components, what these are used for.

What make this course different from others? 

It is what all of the extra resources you get when sign up. Some of these resources are= Quizzes - All of the lessons come with a quiz to test you as navigate the course. Workbooks - Some of the lessons are included with workbooks to have you practice the material on the go. Checklist - All of the lessons come with a checklist to allow you record where you left off. Action Steps - Some of the lesson come with a small homework for you to rehearse whatever topic was covered.

Video Demonstrations - Step by step tutorials showing you how manage and configure the IP Office system.

Transcript - Each lesson comes with its own transcript, allowing the student to review the material offline.

Slides - All of the lessons come with their slides, for those who want to continue reading and reviewing the content offline.

Private Community (Linked-in / Facebook) With access to two private groups exclusively for students like you, where you will be able to share day to day ideas, and help each-other.  

What does make me qualify to teach this course?

Brief history =

Installing / Programing and Training Since 2003 - I had the chance to start working with the Avaya IP Office IP400 Series since the release 2.1 Version 14.

Configuring Call Center Applications with the Compact Contact Center and Compact Business Center, Voicemail Pro Advanced Call Routing, including campaign, User Variables, Holiday tables, etc.

Call Accounting Applications such as TAPIT, Mid-CTI, eCAS, and others.

Property Management Systems (PMS) worked with 3rd party vendors integrating PMS with TAPI-Link drivers.

Multi-site Integration using the WAN-Modules through ATM Circuits and Frame Relay - Assisted deploying different sites of IP Office 412 and 406s at the remote sites.

Don't be left behind!

Most recently:

In recent years I had the opportunity to assist install, configure, and maintain dozens of new IP Office system. From stand-alone control units, Server Edition, Branch, and VMs.

I have taken my experience and put it into this resouces to help fast forward by providing a proven system that works, and helped me getting where I am today.